[Adrienne and Me]

About Me

I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. For those interested in history, Savannah was the first planned city in America and also the first capital of Georgia. To add to this, it is also the birthplace of the Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low. I first took up computers when I saw the movie Hackers at age ten. While I sadly learned that movies aren't always the most accurate, my love of computers did not decrease. I went on to study many aspects of computer science and programming (going beyond the curriculum, you were hard pressed to find me with my head out of a book), and finally received my degree in computer science in 2009 from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Along the way, I also managed to become certified by the federal government in computer forensics.

Aside from my love of computer science research and teaching, I also enjoy a few hobbies. For the most part my hobbies include weight lifting, reading (anything and everything), and spending time with my fiancée. I am marrying the love of my life, Adrienne Myers, in June 2015. Adrienne is a high school math teacher and, luckily for me, a lover of all things geeky and nerdy.